Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 Retail phone

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 Retail phone

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  • 54,00 лв.

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Цената е с включен ДДС!
Доставката за поръчка над 200 лв. е за наша сметка с изключение на по-тежките неща!
Обадете се и поръчайте: 0897-919335

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 Retail (phone activation) | с фактура | This product needs to be activated via PHONE activation method (provided together with the key).

  • Оригинален лиценз 100% | Реален лиценз с неограничен срок
  • Доживотен лиценз - еднократно плащане
  • Многоезичен - Поддържат се всички езици
  • Налични са 32/64 битови версии
  • Процес на активиране:
    • Изтеглете Office (на български или английски), линк към който ще получите по мейла.
    • Създайте си акаунт в Microsoft, ако вече нямате.
    • Въведете продуктовия ключ на Office и ако не се активира автоматично, изберете активиране по телефона.
    • Следвайте инструкциите на автоматичния глас, за да завършите процеса.

Всички Microsoft лицензи на нашия сайт, са за еднократно активиране (освен ако е указано друго), което означава, че прехвърлянето или преинсталирането не е възможно. Но опитайте все пак, понякога става. A има и такива, които могат да се активират и прехвърлят безкрайно - попитайте ни или ги потърсете в магазина, в имената им фигурира BINDS to MS Account.

♦ Желателно е активирането на всеки закупен продукт да се извърши не по-късно от 1 месец от датата на покупката.

Microsoft Office 2019 се предлага в различни издания:

  • Home & Student: Включва само основните приложения Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Home & Business: Включва основните приложения плюс Outlook
  • Standard: Предлага се само чрез канали за корпоративно лицензиране и включва основните приложения плюс Outlook и Publisher
  • Professional: Включва основните приложения плюс Outlook, Publisher и Access
  • Professional Plus: Предлага се само чрез канали за корпоративно лицензиране и включва основните приложения плюс Outlook, Publisher, Access и Skype за бизнеса

Най-долу вижте инструкциите за активиране по телефона!

Aside from classic features, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 version include:

  • The easier reading experience in Word with the use of adjustable column width, changeable page color, read-out-loud function and even greater productivity with sound effects serving as audio cues;
  • Adding, Scalable Vector Graphics into your documents and presentations available from a large library of icons or importable from other sources in order to improve their quality and add a visual aspect to your work. The SVG objects allow you to scale and recolor them without the worry of low-quality images;
  • Translating with the translator function available in the Office apps, allowing you to mark parts of the text, and receive a translation without leaving the program;
  • LaTeX syntax equations may now be implemented into the Office documents, which allows for the more advanced presentation of certain mathematical and science problems;
  • Morph function allows for more flexibility in creating animations, transitions and object movement in PowerPoint;
  • Adding 3D models into your presentation gives your work a more advanced look and may have a bigger impact on those who see it;
  • PowerPoint slides can be operated by using external devices connected to your PC wirelessly such as the Surface Pen 4 and Wacom Bamboo Inc, and other digital pens compatible with Windows 10;
  • In Excel, among many other functions, you can now use TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, and IFS, giving you more tools for your spreadsheet creation. Moreover, the addition of new chart types additionally gives you the option to streamline your work and create clear and elegant documents.
  • The function of inking allows for the creation of interesting designs in the documents, handwritten text, highlights as well as makes it easier to draw specific shapes with the Ink to Shape feature. Drawing is possible not in only touch-enabled devices, as it can be done with the mouse as well as a digital pen or your finger.

An important note is that OneNote has been removed from the package as it became a standard app for Windows 10, however, OneNote 2016 may still be installed separately by using the Office installer.


???? Лицензирайте вашия Office пакет! ???? 100% оригинален лиценз ???? Retail лиценз, т.е. можете да го прехвърлите на друга...

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Инструкции за активиране по телефона:


Now click next to continue.
You will see the telephone activation section.
First select your country, this will enable Microsoft to generate a phone number for you to call.

Please see below for how to activate your Office via telephone.

  1. Start by calling your chosen number.
  2. Now press option 1 to consent to call recording.
  3. Enter the auto generated security number if asked on the telephone keypad.
  4. Now press option 3, do NOT press option 2, this will fail activation.
  5. Now press option 1.
  6. Microsoft will now ask for your Installation ID, type it into your telephone keypad carefully.
  7. You will now be asked how many uses, press 0(The reason we choose 0 as you have not activated this on any PC yet)
  8. The automated system will now verify your Installation ID and generate Confirmation ID for you
  9. Type the Confirmation ID into your PC carefully and press next.
  10. Your activation is successful and fully installed on your PC now press option 2 on your telephone keypad to complete the activation.

Please see the image below.

You can now click close and start to use your software.