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AVG Secure VPN 10-Device 2-Year

AVG Secure VPN 10-Device 2-Year

  • AVG
  • 10AVGVPN2Y
  • В наличност
  • 106,00 лв.

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AVG Secure VPN 10-Device 2-Year

VPN, което означава виртуална частна мрежа, е услуга, която установява защитена и частна връзка с интернет. VPN създава криптиран тунел, за да защити вашите лични данни и комуникации, да скрие вашия IP адрес и да ви позволи безопасно да използвате обществени Wi-Fi мрежи.

  • Open-Source & excellent Privacy Protection
  • Also, Top-notch online security
  • 256-Bit Encryption protocols
  • Apple approved VPN software
  • Also, Better performance
  • All Content Unblocking
  • Only one shared an IP address
  • Public Hotspot Safety
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Gaming & Streaming Capabilities
  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Compatible with all famous platforms
  • High performance & super fast bank-grade encryption
  • Work on open source technology for Android and Windows
  • Finally, Compatible with all devices
  • User-friendly & intuitive design
  • Hide your activities from your employers, advertiser and even your ISP
  • A real-time solution that comes with kill switches feature
  • Lighting fast 27 servers located in 19 countries

 AVG Secure VPN

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