Сравнение KAV, KIS, KTS

Function KAV KIS KTS
Real-Time Anti-Virus
Blocks common threats like malware, ransomware & spyware plus complex ones like fileless attacks.
Guards you from fake sites & emails created by cybercriminals to steal your identity & money.
Performance Optimization
Helps your devices running fast & smooth - exactly as they were designed to.
Firewall ensures your security when you use local networks and the Internet. The component filters
all network activities by using rules of two types: rules for applications and packet rules.
Payment Protection
Smart & fast VPN
Secures up to 300MB of online data per day. Plus unlocks global content & hides your online actions.
Ad Blocker
Stops website banners & other annoying or malicious ads showing on your Windows PC.
Private Browsing
Blocks websites & social network platforms from tracking your activities & data - on PC & Mac.
WebCam Protection
Prevents hackers spying on you by taking over your webcams & mics – on PC & Mac.
Adult Content Blocker
Stops your kids seeing harmful website content like porn, gambling & violence, including on YouTube.
Screen-Time Management
Allows you to set screen time limits by device & blocks device use if limits are exceeded.
GPS Child Locator
Lets you find your kids 24/7 by pinpointing their whereabouts on a digital map.
File Protection
Backs up your photos, music & files to an encrypted storage space on your PC.
Password Manager
Creates a private encrypted vault for your passwords, bank card details & confidential documents.